Bear and Nuisance Animal Fence Kit
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  • Use to exclude bears and other nuisance animals
  • Positive/negative electric netting
  • 50' length x 40' height
  • Orange/white/black


The Bear and Nuisance Animal Fence Kit is an excellent way to safely and effectively protect beehives, garbage bins, compost piles, feed grain, fruit trees, small campsites, and more. This fence kit complies with the USDA food storage act. To comply with this regulation an energizer with a minimum of 0.12 output joules, such as the Patriot PB12 or Stafix AN90, must be used. The basic kit provides a simple solution to deter bears, raccoons, wild hogs, or other similar-sized nuisance animals. This lightweight, easy-to-use kit sets up and tears down in a matter of minutes. Positive/Negative Configuration for maximum control in poor soil conditions. Contains netting, repair kit, t-handle ground rod, fence and ground connectors, 5-light fence tester, an extra jumper lead, and installation instructions. 50' length x 40' height. Orange/white/black.

This product requires an electric fence energizer with a minimum of 0.12 output joules.

Country of Origin: USA
Weight (lb): 9.00