PMX1500 110-Volt AC Fence Energizer
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  • 13.0 output joules
  • 110-volt, AC-powered
  • Powers up to 200 miles or 600 acres of fence
  • Low-impedance


The PMX1500 110-Volt AC Fence Energizer is the most powerful energizer in the Patriot line. It provides powerful protection, even with heavy weed pressure. With 13.0 output joules, it powers up to 200 miles or 600 acres of fence. It is suitable for cattle, horses, deer, pigs, sheep, goats, and other small pets or nuisance animals. This low-impedance energizer has a highly visible, flashing red light that indicates the energizer is working and powering the fence. Designed for low maintenance and easy operation. The PMX1500 easily mounts to the wall, a wood post, or a t-post. Works with steel wire, aluminum wire, and poli-products.

Country of Origin: NEW ZEALAND
Weight (lb): 8.00